Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in China

Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in China: China is a great place known for its culture, monuments, dressing style, food, and many other things. If you are in China or will be visiting this place then don’t forget to try the food at this place. Especially the street food is really awesome. In the following article, I will be discussing the Top 5 places to eat street food in China.

Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in China

1. Guijie Street

Guijie Street in china
Guijie Street

The Guije Street also known as the ghost street. It is situated in Beijing and here you will find the best street food of China. Guijie Street are around 150 stores out. In this, 90%-95% of them are of restaurants and small eateries. they provide 24 hours Customer services. But if you visit at night time then this will be the best experience as you can see lot of lights and smoking hot food. You can this dishes like crabs, crayfishes, bull frog, roasted duck, spicy fishes.

Address: – Inner Dongzhimen street Dongcheng district China.

2. Muslim Street

Muslim Street in china
Muslim Street

If you want to try traditional Chinese Muslim food then Muslim street in China.This food is very famous in Chiana. Mostly people can enjoy some of the dishes like roasted lamb, Lanzhou noodles, soups with different flavors, Lamian, Suan cai, Nang, and several others like this. Not only spicy foods but you will also find some bakery shops that make some good cakes, chocolate, and many other dishes.

Address: – 1 West St. BeiYuanMen XiaoChi YiTiao Jie, Lianhu Qu XianShi ShaanXi Sheng China 710001.

3. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in china
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu is another best food place in China. Here at this place, you will see some restaurants, malls, local vendors and many other things. Here you can enjoy eating Dim Sum, Shuang Pi Nai, Kao Ru Zhu, Yum Cha, lobster sausage, pumpkin dumplings, stewed milk beancurd, Tingzai Porridge much other food.

Address: – Shangxiajiu pedestrian street Shangxiajiu Liwan Qu Guangzhou Shi Guangdong Sheng China 510140

4. Hefang Street

Hefang Stree in china
Hefang Stree

Hefang Street is another good place to eat street food in the China. In this place, you can find great foods like spicy chicken legs, crabs, ducks, prawns, squids, soups, Dingsheng cake, shortcake, stinky tofu, lotus starch and so on. Not only food but you can also shop for small goods and accessories on the Hefang Street. Also, there so many small Mall you can buy anything.

Address: – He Fang Jie Shang Cheng Qu Hangzhou Shi Zhejiang Sheng China 310000.

5. Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street in china
Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Street is situated in Chengdu China. You can see tea houses, traditional Chinese-style buildings, stores and hotels all over the Jinli Street. At the end of the street, you can locate some smoking hot street food like sweet persimmons, rice balls, boiled dumplings, three kingdom dishes and many other foods like this. This street is famous for the puppet shows and street shopping.

Address: – 231-1 Wuhouci street east of the Wuhou Memorial temple.


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